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What is Granite?

Granite is a light-coloured igneous rock with large grains that can be seen. The material is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar. Granite when found is almost always nearly massive and has a dry melting temperature of 1,215 – 1,260 °C

  • Natural product
  • Predominantly white, pink or grey in colour
  • Hard stone

What is Marble?

Marble is metamorphosed sedimentary carbonate rock. Limestone or dolomite (carbonate rocks) are the typical base minerals. The recrystallization of the carbonate minerals result in Marble.

Often, the original structure of the carbonate rocks are modified during the metamorphism to render the marble unrecognizable from its original state. The swirling and veins in marble often.

  • Natural product
  • Unique and soft colour
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Soft stone

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a crystalline mineral primarily composed from silicon and oxygen atoms. It is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust.

There are many different varieties of quartz, some of which are considered semi-precious gemstones

  • Natural product
  • Several varieties
  • Primarily pink & white in colour
  • Hard crystalline material

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a parallel banded variety of the silicate chalcedony. One of the common ancient gemstones used in the past.

  • Natural product
  • Found worldwide
  • Typically black and white in colour

What is Quartzite?

Originally pure quartz sandstone, immense levels of heat and pressure compressed the material into what is known as Quartzite. This mineral is considered a little more dangerous due to its reactive properties when hit with kinetic force.

  • Natural product
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Relatively hard stone

What is Porcelain?

Through high temperatures and the use of a kiln, Porcelain is produced. Porcelain is known through its use in pottery and art, especially in the ancient past. Qualities of Porcelain vary based on the production process. We provide 6mm – 12mm full backsplash to avoid grout.

  • Natural product
  • Unique and soft colour
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Relatively hard mineral

What is Dolomite?

Rarely found in modern sedimentary environments, yet is common overall. Dolomite actually has very few uses, however, it has found its niche in both home renovations & the overall construction industry.

  • Natural product
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Soft stone


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